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Annual Contract versus Per-Cut Program.

Posted on February 27, 2015 at 11:10 PM
Annual Contract versus Per-Cut Program Which is Right for you? Have you ever stared in awe and envy at an exquisitely manicured lawn and garden, and wondered how they did it? The answer is simple!  No, it's not a team of gardening elves that quietly cleans, cuts, and landscapes while everyone is asleep.  (though, wouldn't that be great!)  The fact is that it takes consistent maintenance and a lot of work. Of course, that's not the answer most of us want to hear on a beautiful Saturday morning when faced with a day of mowing, weeding, edging and blowing.  That's where The Green Man comes in.  We are your own private team of gardeners, available to handle all of your lawn and landscaping needs.  We can do everything that you would do to your own yard and much more! So, free up your nights and weekends, spend more time with your family or on your golf swing, and leave the hard work to us! We offer three basic lawn maintenance programs. Pricing is based on lawn size, and other variables, such as difficulty, estimated labor time and grass versus natural areas. 1.  Per-Cut Program - Our per-cut program is perfect for our customers who prefer to do most of their own yard maintenance and gardening throughout the year, but need assistance primarily with the tasks of mowing, trimming, edging, and blowing during the growing season. It is also ideal for families who do all their own lawn care but need someone else to maintain their yards once in a while, for example when they are on vacation or during an illness. Per cuts start at $40 and can be scheduled on a weekly, biweekly, or as needed basis. Additional options such as a fertilization program, mulching, aerating and overseeding, site clean up, pruning, straw, mulch, annual beds and fall leaf clean up are also available.   2.  Annual 12-month Contract - Have you always dreamed of an exquisitely manicured lawn and garden, without the constant work.  If so, our Annual Contract is for you! Not only does it save you money over our per cut program, but it also allows us to consistently maintain your yard, to become acquainted with your particular property, and to target problem areas month after month, throughout the year.  By providing the highest level of attention to detail and automatically scheduling your seasonal maintenance at the appropriate times,  we'll ensure that your lawn and gardens are attractive and healthy during every season.  In addition to mowing, trimming, edging, blowing and weeding year round, our annual contract also includes fall leaf clean-up, on-going site clean-up, and savings on optional services, such as our fertilization program, aerating and seeding, mulching, straw, annual beds, planting and pruning, Etc. Our annual contracts can be customized to meet your needs.  3.  Estate Contract - Our Estate Contracts include everything offered in our Annual Contract and then some!  Designed specifically for discriminating homeowners who desire to make the most out of their outdoor living space, we offer  customizable contracts which focus on every detail in the lawn and garden, including maintenance, fertilization, irrigation, pruning/shaping, mulching, annual beds, and more! How does the Annual 12-month Contract save you money?   The following example is provided for reference only.  Pricing differs for each yard based on size and other variables. In this area, most healthy lawns will be mowed 30-40 times per year.  If you were to pay an average per-cut price of $40 per cut 35 times per year, that would total $1400.  With a $1200 annual contract, there is an immediate savings of $200 for the same property. Plus, our annual contract includes important services that keep your yard healthy and beautiful but which cost extra with the per-cut program, such as fall leaf clean-up and on going site clean up.  In addition, you'll save on other optional services you add on, such as aerating and overseeding.  You can even choose our monthly installment payment option, at no additional cost.   But most importantly, your yard will look beautiful year round, which can increase the value of your home and surrounding neighborhood.  Contact us for a FREE custom price quote. Call or text @ (859) 905-9894 [email protected]

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